The entrance of AAP in the hill state of Uttrakhand

Uttrakhand is going to witness its sixth assembly election in February/March 2022. All the major parties have started their ground work and preparations. Meetings, rallies, war of words have set the pace but what is the difference this time around? Aam Aadmi party , riding on the shoulders of Col(retd)Ajay Kothiyal and its trademark election promise of free electricity to all. AAP has announced to fight the elections on all the 70 seats, probably with Col Ajay Kothiyal as it's chief minister face. Will it mark its presence and leave an imprint? Will Col Ajay Kothiyal's face will garner some votes and seats for the party? Will people accept an outside regional party in the state? Only time can tell but what we can say is that it has all the capability of being the missing third front in the state.  Uttrakhand Kranti Dal which was the main party involved in the struggle of the formation of the state failed to win the confidence of the people. What UKD couldn't be, AAP can be